Fleet Management for Waste Management

Stay Compliant to Remain Competitive

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with our comprehensive fleet management solutions tailored for waste management companies.

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Simplifying compliance for over 575 fleets

Elevate your waste management fleet operations with our integrated fleet management solutions Gain unparalleled visibility into vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour, empowering you to meet regulatory requirements effectively. Utilise this data-driven approach to enhance safety protocols, mitigate risks, and ensure seamless compliance with industry regulations.

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Confidence in Compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of waste management regulations with ease. Our fleet management software offers robust compliance management features, helping you stay on top of regulatory requirements and minimise risks.

Maximising Fleet Reliability and Performance

Keep your waste management fleet running smoothly with proactive maintenance scheduling. Our software empowers you to schedule regular maintenance and inspections, reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of your assets.

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Manager with a digital tablet next to garbage truck.

Fleet management on the go

Stay connected to your fleet anytime and anywhere with AssetWorks’ mobile access solutions. Our mobile applications and web-based portals provide remote access to fleet data and management functions, empowering you to manage your fleet on the go.

Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency

Our software seamlessly integrates with other applications to enable powerful insights. Enhance efficiency and productivity with our integrated fleet management solution.

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Track your fleet, track your success

With the need for real-time visibility into your fleet’s movements, AssetWorks offers cutting-edge vehicle tracking solutions and telematics. Monitor your vehicles’ locations, speeds, and routes precisely, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Rest easy knowing your fleet is always accounted for and on the right path

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Save money on fuel

With fuel being one of the most expensive budget items for your fleet, accountability and visibility are vital. AssetWorks FuelFocus consolidates multiple data sources so you can anticipate significant savings.

Case Study

Sunderland City Council

Explore how Sunderland City Council efficiently manages its fleet of over 500 vehicles, including waste management vehicles, using AssetWorks FleetFocus.

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