Commercial fleet management

Maximise profit, minimise headaches

Choosing the right technology eliminates operational hurdles to drive your revenue growth

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Successfully managing over 14 million assets

There’s nothing we can’t manage. With our integrated solution, you have complete visibility into your operations. This data insight helps you delight your customers, all while expanding profit margins, reducing costs, and improving productivity.

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Eliminate everyday frustrations

A lack of support compounds problems unnecessarily. That’s why we provide 24/7 customer support, a dedicated implementation team, and both onsite and virtual training options. But our job doesn’t stop there. We’re in it for the long haul.

Unlock hidden savings

What you don’t know can hurt you—and your bottom line. Integrated fleet data is the key to identifying gaps and opportunities to save big. With the wealth of data available to you through powerful APIs, integrated fuel and EV charge management, and telematics, you expose budgetary blind spots.

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Designed for your fleet’s needs

You want to do your work your way. No matter how unique your fleet is, we have a solution that can be customised for you. Whether you’re delivering packages, fueling planes or anything in-between, our solutions address your unique business.

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Ditch the TCO spreadsheets

Time saved is money saved. Tracking asset lifecycle costs in spreadsheets wastes both. With AssetWorks CAM, you can analyse the complete lifecycle of unlimited assets and develop capital plans to support major goals.

Save money on fuel

With fuel being one of the most expensive budget items for your fleet, accountability and visibility are vital. AssetWorks FuelFocus consolidates multiple data sources so you can anticipate significant savings.

Case Study

Royal Mail

Industry: Private
Asset #: Approx. 50,000
Product: FleetFocus, SmartApps and CAM

In this case study, learn how Royal Mail uses AssetWorks FleetFocus to manage its fleet and maintenance.

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