Fleet management apps

Manage your fleet from the palm of your hand

We combined our 40+ years of fleet management expertise with today’s top technology to build powerful mobile solutions for your everyday challenges.

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Next generation fleet solutions

The AssetWorks MobileFocus Enterprise suite includes the FleetFocus EDGE fully responsive interfaces, the Fleet Connect suite of disconnected mobile applications and the SmartApps suite of connected mobile apps.

Work anywhere

Today’s fleet leaders need to access their data and workflows while on-the-go. With our mobile solutions, you can bring the power of FleetFocus wherever you go– on the workshop floor, on the road, and everywhere in between. No more being chained to your desk. 

Attract and retain top talent

With mobile technology, you can solve the technician shortage in your fleet. Attract and retain skilled technicians through industry-leading technology that adapts to your workshop’s preferred workflows and devices. Our solutions build positive workshop cultures that keep your technicians happy and engaged.

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Increase security

When fleet management processes are tracked with pen and paper, it leaves the organisation susceptible to security concerns. When you utilise fleet mobile apps and technology, you can rest assured that your data is safe and in line with any data security standards your organisation must adhere to. 

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Save time

Modern technology keeps your employees moving at the speed of fleet, without waiting in lines, transcribing handwritten notes, or housing valuable data in separate systems.

Analyze with ease

Fleets require next generation business intelligence tools to fully understand their operations.

Case Study

Redcar & Cleveland Council

“It was a no-brainer for me upon seeing the system. I’ve seen a range of other systems, and they almost did what we needed them to, but not as comprehensive as FleetFocus”

In this case study, learn how the Redcar & Cleveland uses AssetWorks FleetFocus to manage their fleet of 207 vehicles; ranging from 3-ton electric panel vans to 32-ton hook loaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SmartApps in fleet management refer to mobile applications that leverage technology such as asset tracking, telematics, and real-time data analysis to enhance operational efficiency, optimise routes, monitor driver behaviour, and improve overall fleet performance.

Smartapps are used by various stakeholders in fleet management, including fleet managers, drivers, technicians, and administrators. These apps streamline operations, improve communication, enhance safety, and provide real-time access to critical fleet data and resources.

SmartApps for fleets leverage mobile technology to streamline operations, allowing drivers and managers to access fleet-related functions on smartphones or tablets. They offer features like asset tracking, vehicle inspections, maintenance scheduling, and communication tools for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Different types of SmartApps for fleets include vehicle tracking apps for real-time location monitoring, inspection apps, driver behaviour monitoring apps for safety analysis, maintenance management apps for scheduling repairs, and fuel tracking apps for consumption monitoring and optimisation.