Meet the SmartApps Suite of Mobile Apps

Cheerful auto repair shop worker with the tablet computer posing for the camera while fixing the car wheel
Cheerful auto repair shop worker with the tablet computer posing for the camera while fixing the car wheel

Your fleet organisation is more than just a collection of vehicles, parts and data. Your fleet is comprised of people: from fleet managers and shop technicians to data analysts and drivers. Without these people, your fleet would not operate at its best. So why shouldn’t you provide them with today’s top tools for their roles?

The AssetWorks SmartApps suite of mobile applications was designed with the different people within your fleet in mind. Each of the mobile apps in the suite are tailored to specific roles in the fleet industry, including technicians, drivers, motor pool users and more.

To learn more about the apps within the suite, view the short videos below:

Collisions Mobile App

The Collisions mobile application allows fleet drivers to submit vehicle collisions or incidents directly from their smartphone or tablet. All data integrates directly with AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software system.

WorkCenter Mobile App

WorkCenter captures real time labour for technicians as they work on various requests throughout a day, as well as any indirect time spent on miscellaneous activities.

Reservations Center Mobile App

Reservation Center is an app that allows customers to book and manage motor pool reservations directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Dashboards Mobile App

The Dashboards app brings key performance indicators to the user’s device. This can be beneficial for the shop floor, administrative personnel, fleet managers and executives.

MyVehicle Mobile App

MyVehicle provides operators with information about their assigned vehicles, such as maintenance history and upcoming services.

Inspection Checklist Mobile App

Minimise paper forms for any type of inspection or checklist, such as pre- and post-trip, annual condition assessments, PM checklists and more.

Yard Check Mobile App

The Yard Check app allows users to update meter readings, enter service requests and condition ratings for multiple vehicles at a time.

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