AssetWorks Asset Analytics: Fleet Data Analysis

Take control of your fleet data

Your fleet collects more data now than ever before. Let us help you manage it.

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Let AssetWorks be your data analyst

The AssetWorks Asset Analytics Platform is a cloud-based solution consolidating internal and external asset data sources to deliver next generation business intelligence content, standard KPIs/metrics, visualisations, and self-service reporting so fleets can make data-driven decisions.

Drill into your operations

Your fleet is comprised of many moving parts. With the Asset Analytics Platform, powerful reports give you deep insight into utilisation, energy usage, labour, maintenance, telematics, and much more. You can also create custom reports for analyses unique to your organisation.

Tell your organisation’s story

Your data holds the key to your entire organisation. When data is analysed correctly, you can confidently prepare for budget justifications, drive innovation and excitement internally, and build both long and short-term strategies for success through our industry-leading data engine.

Benefit from dynamic business intelligence tools

The Asset Analytics Platform was designed with modern fleet and asset managers in mind. Its powerful data engine transforms raw data from multiple sources into standard data sets for fleet reporting. The data movement is seamless through APIs from the data source into the cloud data lake.

Automate your lifecycle cost analysis

Accurate lifecycle cost analysis can take weeks to generate manually. With AssetWorks CAM, you can automate LCA to save time and money.

See the big picture with GPS/Telematics

With integrated GPS/Telematics, you can analyse all vital fleet data, including location, driver behaviour, and utilisation.

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Additional Features

Maintenance forecasting through advanced integration, analysis and calculation

Category Reference Models, Custom Models, and additional out-of-the-box models and tools

Custom reporting, analyses and dashboards

A generated replacement cycle for subsequent replacements

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White Paper

An Inside Look into Capital Asset Management Software (CAM)

AssetAnalytics isn’t the only reporting tool your fleet needs. Instead of relying on spreadsheets to make important decisions for your fleet, use AssetWorks Capital Asset Management (CAM). With CAM fleets no longer have to wonder if their vehicle and asset data is correct. Fleet managers can access Analytics, Planning and Budgeting, Procurement and Remarketing modules to get their fleet in shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Asset Analytics is a cloud-based solution that analyses data related to assets to optimise their performance, reliability, and lifecycle. It employs statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to make informed decisions about maintenance, usage, and investments.

Analytics is crucial for extracting valuable insights from your fleet data, enabling informed decision-making, identifying trends, predicting outcomes, and optimising processes. It empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and gain a competitive edge.

Asset Analytics can enhance fleet maintenance schedules by identifying patterns in equipment performance, predicting potential failures, and recommending proactive maintenance tasks.

Analytics differs from traditional reporting by focusing on deeper analysis of data to uncover patterns, trends, and relationships, enabling predictive capabilities and actionable insights, whereas traditional reporting primarily presents past data in a descriptive format.