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You deserve a solution to make your work easier. FleetFocus was designed by fleet managers for fleet managers to do just that.

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Transform your data into decisions

AssetWorks FleetFocus is a web-based fleet and equipment management solution capable of tracking unlimited assets, users, and locations.

Manage all your assets

Asset management is at the heart of FleetFocus, serving as the core for your fleet management software needs. This robust fleet management system ensures that you can effectively track each asset throughout its entire lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. Within the system, you have the power to centralise and manage all your vehicle, equipment, and asset data seamlessly in one integrated solution. This includes key components such as preventive maintenance, which ensures your fleet’s vehicles and equipment remain in peak condition, meters for tracking usage, recurring costs for comprehensive financial management, replacement scheduling for optimising asset longevity, warranty management to keep costs down, and much more. FleetFocus simplifies and streamlines the management of your fleet’s essential data and assets.

Streamline your work orders

FleetFocus gives you complete visibility into your work management operations. With clear statuses within the system determining workflows and responsibility, tracking work orders has never been easier. The system supports work order tracking, commercial vehicle work, billing, recalls, and a robust workshop calendar.

Equip your technicians

Technicians keep your fleet vehicles and equipment safe and moving. Give them a modern solution to incentivise success by simplifying their work. FleetFocus provides all the required tools to create the ideal fleet maintenance workflow from their preferred device. In the system, technicians can manage assigned work, record labour, manage timecards, request parts, and more.

Automate your inventory

Imagine if inventory automatically matched your fleet’s needs. FleetFocus provides fully integrated parts inventory management for unlimited stock locations, so you can request and issue parts, automate replenishments and re-orders, and lead inventory counts with ease—all in real-time.

Mobilise your operations

As mobile technology advances, your fleet craves connection. Our suite of mobile solutions provides better data in less time to aid in making decisions that have long-term benefits for your fleet—no matter where or how work is completed. The mobile apps and responsive interfaces replace the risk of lost paperwork with digital workflows to aid operational transparency.

Take control of your fuel data

Fuel is vital to your fleet operations, so why do you manage it in a separate system? Bring together fleet and fuel data to improve overall operations and reduce fuel costs.

Make smart, data-backed decisions

Your fleet now generates more data than ever before, so take advantage of modern data analysis tools to make strategic decisions. Our fleet analytics provide a detailed look into your fleet operations.

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Additional Benefits

Complete vehicle equipment life-cycle management
Technician certification and training management
Purchasing and parts inventory management
Open APIs
Seamless, real-time integration with AssetWorks FuelFocus fuel management system

200+ out-of-the-box standard reports with customisation setups

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Case Study

Redcar & Cleveland Council

Industry: Public Sector
Products: FleetFocus and SmartApps

“It was a no-brainer for me upon seeing the system. I’ve seen a range of other systems, and they almost did what we needed them to, but not as comprehensive as FleetFocus”

In this case study, learn how the Redcar & Cleveland uses AssetWorks FleetFocus to manage their fleet of 207 vehicles; ranging from 3-ton electric panel vans to 32-ton hook loaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fleet management software helps fleet managers streamline and optimise their entire fleet operations, from workshop floor and technician work management to fuel management and fleet electrification. With AssetWorks FleetFocus, all fleet data and activities are managed and maintained in one, integrated system.

AssetWorks’ FleetFocus is the industry-leading fleet management software system and has provided solutions to the transportation industry for over 40 years. The company has built a solid foundation of fleet maintenance management while incorporating industry-specific features and best practices.

Currently, over 575 customers utilise AssetWorks fleet and fuel management solutions. FleetFocus clients span a range of industries including county councils, utilities, airlines, emergency services and various other private industry enterprises. Clients across these industries contribute collaboratively to the relevancy and continued growth of the application.

Various roles within a fleet organisation, such as fleet managers, technicians, administrators, drivers and data analysts, utilise and derive benefits from fleet software, contributing to streamlined operations and improved decision-making processes across the board.

FleetFocus is a web-based fleet management software solution capable of tracking unlimited assets, users, and locations. FleetFocus manages a wide variety of functions, including asset management, service request management, work order management, technician work management, inventory management, reporting and analytics, and fuel and charge management– all in one, integrated system.

Pricing for fleet management software varies greatly depending on fleet size and complexity. For a customised fleet software demonstration and quote, contact the AssetWorks team today.

Yes! Fleet management software can be accessed on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. To see how mobile fleet management software can work, view our mobile apps page.