How to get the best out of your fleet management software | AssetWorks UK


How to get the best out of your fleet management software AssetWorks provides a fleet ecosystem with agile API integration. From fleet management to telematics, AssetWorks has spent over 40 years perfecting its cloud-based technology to provide an outstanding commitment to safety, sustainability, and integration. Our ecosystems help organisations control every asset interaction [...]

5 Reasons to Choose AssetWorks FleetFocus


For over 40 years, AssetWorks FleetFocus has been the premier fleet management software system for both private and public fleets. Is it time for your fleet to join the 550+ organisations across North America and the United Kingdom currently using FleetFocus? After investing in FleetFocus, you can expect many benefits, including:  1. Schedule [...]

Videos: Meet the SmartApps Suite of Mobile Apps


Your fleet organisation is more than just a collection of vehicles, parts and data. Your fleet is comprised of people: from fleet managers and shop technicians to data analysts and drivers. Without these people, your fleet would not operate at its best. So why shouldn't you provide them with today's top tools for their [...]

Why Tracking Life-Cycle Costs in Spreadsheets Isn’t Enough


In 2013, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report saying many government agencies are not following necessary fleet management best practices, including effective life-cycle cost analysis. Life-cycle cost analysis takes all aspects of a fleet vehicle or asset into account, from procurement and maintenance to disposal. In a survey conducted by AssetWorks, 80% [...]

Press Release: AssetWorks Launches Asset Analytics


Manchester, United Kingdom, 14th June 2022 - AssetWorks is known for providing innovative and practical solutions to continue allowing their 1,000+ customers to thrive. To continue doing so, they announced the release of a new business intelligence solution, Asset Analytics. The new innovative product was announced at AssetWorks’ annual customer event in Hollywood, California, [...]

How to Successfully Run Your Fleet Like a Startup


When you think about a startup company, what comes to mind? While table tennis tables, kegs, and open office concepts were popular trends in the startup space, what is often envied about startups is their culture. Startups are fast-paced, dynamic, and a true team effort. While there are pros and cons to startup culture, [...]

What You Need to Know About Charging as a Service (CaaS)


AssetWorks article as seen in Fleet World, Sustainable Fleets issue, page 34. Charging infrastructure is the most difficult part of fleet electrification, because of the immense planning, coordination, capital, and expertise that it requires. Increasingly, “Charging as a Service” or CaaS is discussed by fleets as a possible solution. CaaS is a different approach [...]

8 Benefits of Moving to a SaaS Software Solution


If you’re just starting out in the fleet management software world, or if you are looking to improve current practices, it’s never a bad time to investigate a SaaS solution. A SaaS solution means that you receive the same software you already had (in some cases, with some additional functionality) but with several other [...]

How will the circular economy impact the fleet industry?


You hear almost every day about the manufacturing of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles being halted by 2035. More electric vehicles are making their way onto the road, causing a revolution in the fleet industry. A circular economy approach is needed to fully integrate electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce the environmental impact- by reusing, [...]