Logistics fleet management

Optimised Fleets Deliver Delight

Enhance your logistics operations with our comprehensive fleet management software. Streamline processes, improve safety, and optimise performance effortlessly.

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Driving Logistics Excellence

Gain comprehensive operational insight with our integrated fleet solutions, providing visibility across all aspects of your logistics operations, from vehicle maintenance to driver behaviour. This valuable data empowers you to elevate customer service, optimise budget allocation, and boost team engagement

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Fleet management on the go

Stay connected to your fleet anytime and anywhere with AssetWorks’ mobile access solutions. Our mobile applications and web-based portals provide remote access to fleet data and management functions, empowering you to manage your fleet on the go.

Support you can rely on

From implementation to training and ongoing technical support, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our reliable support services are always available to help you succeed.

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Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency

Our software seamlessly integrates with other applications to enable powerful insights. Enhance efficiency and productivity with our integrated fleet management solution.

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Track your fleet, track your success

With the need for real-time visibility into your fleet’s movements, AssetWorks offers cutting-edge vehicle tracking solutions and telematics. Monitor your vehicles’ locations, speeds, and routes precisely, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Rest easy knowing your fleet is always accounted for and on the right path.

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Drive insights & make informed decisions

Gain valuable insights into your fleet operations and optimise performance with our advanced analytics solutions. Our comprehensive reporting tools allow you to analyse fleet performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

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Build a sustainable fleet

Your fleet’s social responsibility matters. Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, let us help. We provide integrated solutions that manage decarbonisation, efficient fuelling, asset utilisation, and whole-life costs.

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Take control of your fuel

Drive cost savings and maximise efficiency with our advanced fuel management solutions. Track fuel usage, monitor costs, and detect inefficiencies or theft to optimise your fuel management strategy.

Case Study

A 30 Year Partnership with Royal Mail

Discover how Royal Mail, a loyal AssetWorks customer for over three decades, leverages AssetWorks FleetFocus to efficiently oversee its fleet and maintenance operations.

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