EV charge management software

Electrify your future

Nearly three-quarters of fleet managers agree the appetite for EVs in operational fleets is growing. To meet the changing demands of fuel consumption, you need the proper resources to stay ahead of industry trends.

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A smooth transition to sustainability

FuelFocusEV offers full integration with charger network providers and hardware so you can seamlessly manage operations and plan future growth.

Leverage your EV data

It is challenging to gauge the success of your EV operations without data visibility. Gain a thorough understanding of your EV data through automated out-of-the-box reports. FuelFocusEV manages electric stations and obtains accurate charge session transactional data to provide valuable insight into energy consumption within your fleet.

Effortless integrations

Managing energy, fuel, and charge management as a collective is essential to get the most out of your operations. This robust integration allows you to track electric energy distribution in tandem with traditional and alternative fueling. Charging session events are integrated automatically to eliminate manual data entry and errors.

Rely on expert execution

Fleet electrification is challenging. Let us help. Our team experts advise your team through site walks at planned charging areas, accessibility requirement assessments, and facility modifications. Our hardware specialists work with your team to evaluate different EV equipment makes and models to support long-term strategy.

Electrify your motor pool

For many fleets, motor pools serve as a logical first step for electrification. Make sure you’re making the most out of your motor pool through powerful integrations.

See the big picture with Telematics

Electrifying your fleet is only the beginning. With integrated Telematics, you can analyse all vital fleet data, including location, driver behaviour, and utilisation. 

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Additional Features

Sync data with EV charging hardware providers’ hardware and software technology 

Transaction data on date and time of charge session, actual time of charge versus plug-in time, and kilowatt per hour cost

Visibility of station port status

Automatic import of private and public charge transactions

Accurate calculation of vehicle total cost of ownership

Multiple out-of-the-box reports to analyse overall energy consumption

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How to Manage Electricity as Fuel

Charging costs are difficult to track without software and impossible to analyse without integration, making software capability critical to any fuelling solution. Fleet expert, Simon West-Oliver, presents the top EV issues fleets are facing and then shares three actions to successfully manage electricity as fuel.

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