What It’s Like Being an AssetWorks Customer

What It’s Like Being an AssetWorks Customer
What It’s Like Being an AssetWorks Customer

For a company that began in a backyard garage, AssetWorks has come a long way over its 40+ years of business. As the leading fleet and fuel software company, AssetWorks manages 10 million assets and serves over 575 customers with a 97% retention rate. What’s our secret? We always follow customer feedback and industry trends to ensure we keep meeting the needs of our customers.

Without being an AssetWorks customer, it may be hard to understand why our solutions are rated top of the market, so let’s look into what it is like being one of our many customers.

Customer Support

The most intimidating factor when changing software solutions is the implementation process. Though it is a valid concern, with AssetWorks’ 24/7 customer support, there is a guarantee your team will receive the needed support to ensure your system gets up and running and continue efficiently operating. You cannot find any other fleet management software vendor on the market that offers this level of customer support- we can guarantee it.

Our customer support team’s job continues long after implementation. Whenever you think your processes need improvement, AssetWorks will meet with you at your location to complete an in-depth review of your pain points, challenges, and goals- including a complete review of your system’s configuration.

Get headaches just thinking about upgrades? Our customers are lucky and don’t need to worry about upgrading their systems, as AssetWorks handles all your fleet upgrades. Your team will seamlessly gain access to all the latest features and improvements, so upgrades will never again hold your team back from furthering its success.

Customer Experience

There is more to being an AssetWorks customer besides support. Attending tradeshows is a great way to network with other companies on a more personal level which is why AssetWorks professionals attend local and national tradeshows. It is equally important to network with other AssetWorks customers, so each year, AssetWorks hosts the AssetWorks Academy. Our annual conference is a must-attend event for those wanting to gain fleet management knowledge and learn about future influences in the sector.

AssetWorks Academy allows customers to get hands-on learning and support from fleet professionals, but if a customer cannot attend, there are countless other training options. We offer a wide range of training sessions to help our customers become fleet management experts: orientations, key users, technical, application, end user/operation, and follow-up training.

Don’t feel like leaving your desk for a training opportunity? No problem! AssetWorks hosts live webinars covering a variety of topics, from how to save money on fuel to learning how to measure the life cycle costs of your fleet. Customers receive individual invites to all webinars to ensure everyone keeps up with new trends.

Seeing is believing, so be sure to look into what our customers have to say about AssetWorks too.

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