A Day in the Life of Claire Batterbee from Redcar and Cleveland Council


Claire first started within the fleet industry in 1993 when she joined the armed forces as a driver and has had an impressive and diverse fleet career ever since. Now, Claire is the Compliance and Improvement Officer for Redcar and Cleveland Council. This role ensures that the Council follows regulations and internal policies. It is a vast and fast-paced job where they develop procedures, conduct audits, and provide guidance to staff. They are also responsible for monitoring industry changes and suggesting improvements to policies and practices.

We spoke with Claire in a short interview to not only learn more about her everyday role and responsibilities but to see what insights she has on the dynamic world of fleet management.

What does a typical day at work look like at?

I liaise with our fleet reception to ensure seamless operations and address any emerging issues promptly. The role is very varied but involves a lot of communication with other colleagues and departments. This averages at around 30 team calls and up to 100 emails daily.  Effective communication management is key to staying on top of tasks and inquiries. Through close collaboration with my line manager, we’ve implemented various improvements to enhance efficiency and professionalism across our operations since I started in March 2022.

Can you describe the collaborative atmosphere within your team?

Our small yet dynamic team operates like a well-oiled machine, with each member bringing unique expertise to the table, fostering seamless collaboration. Part of our collaborative atmosphere is down to our use of technology and tools throughout the departments, so everyone is always updated on key metrics and information. We implemented AssetWorks fleet management tools in March 2022 and never looked back.

Which AssetWorks products do you utilise?

Our reliance on the Inspection App, FleetFocus M5, and Edge is paramount for recording fleet information and managing vehicle maintenance efficiently. We use AssetWorks software day to day for recording all of our information with regards to all our fleet or hire vehicles and for vehicle maintenance used by our workshop fitters. You can read more about our fleet management journey here.

What might surprise people about your role?

A lot of people appear surprised at first by my extensive knowledge of vehicles more so HGV. This experience was gained when I was in the armed forces where I would service and inspect all variants of vehicle types.

What accomplishment at work are you most proud of?

Every day and every task carried out by me and the team is an accomplishment as it is a fast-paced and busy environment. Ensuring that we have customer satisfaction and that we remain compliant in everything that we do remains a constant source of pride.

How do you unwind after a demanding day at work?

I find solace in taking leisurely walks with my dog, quality time with family, indulging in cooking, and occasionally unwinding with activities like crazy golf or small music festivals.

What’s your favourite aspect of being in your role?

I enjoy getting out on the ground and visiting other departments as this allows time to integrate more with other employees that we would not normally communicate with when sitting behind a desk.

How do you think the fleet industry will change in the next 10 years?

I think there will be some significant transformations; particularly working to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. The integration of hydrogen technology emerges as a promising solution, especially for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and long-distance journeys. Additionally, electric vehicles are poised to dominate the market as urgency mounts to decarbonise transportation. These shifts mark pivotal steps towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the fleet industry.

"We use AssetWorks software day to day for recording all of our information with regards to all our fleet or hire vehicles and for vehicle maintenance used by our workshop fitters.”

What advice do you offer to aspiring fleet professionals to excel in their careers?

My advice would be that everything matters, and safety must always come first. By streamlining routine services and maintenance procedures, you ensure that safety standards remain paramount. Furthermore, setting clear performance objectives for drivers and employees cultivates a culture of excellence, motivating them to meet and exceed expectations. Continuous learning and staying ahead of developments within the fleet industry not only enhance your expertise, but these new developments may potentially lead to senior management roles in very exciting departments. Embrace every opportunity for development, as the potential for growth within the field of fleet management is limitless.

About AssetWorks:

From fleet management to telematics, AssetWorks has spent over 40 years perfecting its cloud-based technology to provide an outstanding commitment to safety, sustainability, and integration. AssetWorks ecosystems help organisations control every asset interaction within the fleet management journey; from drivers inspecting their vehicles to managers analysing full lifetime costs. AssetWorks strives to help fleets transition sustainably – whether that is decarbonisation, mobility management or embracing the circular economy – our experts understand the future of fleets.

In this ecosystem, there is FleetFocus, a core product for fleet management. FleetFocus allows customers to create preventative maintenance schedules, track inventory, optimise data reports and much more. AssetWorks has a wealth of seamless integrations to equip fleets with successful software for transitioning to EV, elevating your telematics usage, or expanding the control of other assets.

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