FuelFocus: Fuel Management System

Optimise fuel, maximise savings

Fuel is expensive. Reduce costs by up to 15% through automation.

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Real-time integration, long-term benefits

AssetWorks FuelFocus is an automated fuel management system, which includes a sophisticated combination of hardware and software to manage all consumable assets.

Save money on fuel

Don’t let your fuel budget go to waste. With better accountability, you can expect fuel savings of up to 15%, reductions in shrinkage of 10-20%, and decreased errors and fuel theft.  With FuelFocus’ single data source, critical information like fuel transactions, tank capacities, and odometer readings are always up to date.

Master your fuel data

When fuel data is stored in separate systems, your fleet is susceptible to costly errors. By bringing your fleet and fuel data together, you can optimise fuel efficiency. All data captured by FuelFocus can be validated in real-time against values stored in a single, centralised database.

Expect the unexpected

Emergency situations can strike at a moment’s notice. Feel confident you are prepared when at your most vulnerable. FuelFocus helps your team quickly respond to crises through automated fueling, increased oversight and control, relevant fuel consumption data, convenient mobile and external fueling, and an around-the-clock support team.

You need to bring your fuel and electricity data together in order to manage your entire fleet.

Electrify with ease

Right-size your fleet

Fleets across the globe use motor pools to increase vehicle utilisation and right-size their operations.

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Additional Benefits

Multiple device options, including RF Vehicle Identification Box, magnetic strip card, keypad input, and more

Access to fuel consumption data is available from any workstation, and vehicle maintenance data is available at the FuelFocus Island Controllers

With a single data source, critical fleet data, like vehicle information and fuel transactions, is always current

Timeliness of PM scheduling is improved because hour-meter and odometer readings are processed and validated in a central database

Seamless, real-time integration with AssetWorks FleetFocus

Manage electricity alongside fuel through AssetWorks FuelFocusEV

Customisation of the system enables your organisation to implement a centralised or decentralised fuel management system


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White Paper

Zero Emission Fleet Success

In this white paper, we cover which fuels are here to stay and how you can incorporate them into your fleet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fuel management software for fleets tracks and analyses fuel usage, purchases, and efficiency. It provides insights into fuel consumption patterns, optimises refuelling processes, monitors costs, and ensures compliance with regulations, ultimately improving fleet performance and profitability.

Fuel management software is used by fleet managers, fuel administrators, and maintenance personnel to monitor fuel consumption, track expenses, optimise fuel efficiency, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance overall fleet performance and cost-effectiveness.

Fleet managers, drivers, and operations teams benefit from fuel management software. It provides real-time visibility into fuel consumption, enhances accountability, optimizes routes, reduces costs, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards, improving overall fleet efficiency and performance.

Utilising fuel management software in fleet operations offers benefits such as improved fuel accountability, reduced costs through optimised fuel usage, streamlined reporting, enhanced compliance with regulations, proactive maintenance scheduling, and overall operational efficiency gains.