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Mobility matters

With AssetWorks Rental software, fleet organisations can take control of the entire rental process, from vehicle booking to post-trip inspections and every step in between.

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Your fleet operations are unique. Let us help.

AssetWorks Rental module was designed for fleet organisations that need to manage the short-term and long-term hire of vehicles and ancillary equipment assets.

Manage the entire rental workflow

For any rental operation, there are many moving pieces. With AssetWorks’ Rental module, the entire workflow is managed in one system—from hire request and booking to inspections and billing.

Maintain complete control of your rentals

AssetWorks’ Rental module includes a rental register of vehicles, base depots, and other user-defined characteristics. You can also maintain asset categories, rate cards, discounts, and payment profiles based on your unique fleet needs.

Inspect with confidence

Your rental vehicles and assets need to be maintained and inspected to ensure safety and availability. We help automate the implementation of customer O’License inspection conditions for commercial operations, so you can focus on maintaining optimal fleet performance.

Eliminate your grey fleet

Motor pool management is a powerful tool for reducing grey fleet concerns.

Automate fuel management

Fuel is expensive. Technology can help automate fuel management so you can save time and money.

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Additional Features

Flexible search of suitable rental asset categories and types

Unlimited number of rental products (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)

Ability to charge for ancillary usage, mileage, and additional services

Integrated billing and invoicing. Full support for inwards and back-to-back rentals

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Why would you own an asset?

With long wait times for new vehicles and the pressure to become more sustainable – renting parts of your fleet can be a cost-effective method for operational efficiency.

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