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Telematics helps fleets truly understand their operations, from driver behaviour to vehicle utilisation and everything in between.

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Integrated GPS and Telematics for improved fleet operations

AssetWorks Telematics is a comprehensive fleet solution for the tracking and management of your vehicles, assets, and driver. 

Integrate seamlessly with FleetFocus

As part of the integrated product suite, AssetWorks Telematics is the only telematics solution that offers two-way integration with FleetFocus. We can capture key data points from light and heavy-duty vehicles and other high value assets, including mileage, driver behaviour, vehicle location/history, maintenance, and breadcrumb trails.

Identify key trends

The heat map and geo-fencing functionality allows you to see driving trends across your fleet to help easily identify trouble areas where your fleet operators are consistently speeding or harsh braking as a group. This allows for proactive training and feedback to your entire team, not just individual events.

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Track your non-powered assets

AssetWorks Telematics supports a wide range of Telematics devices that are specifically for use with non-powered assets. These devices are battery-powered and weatherproof, which allows for tracking the location of your high-value assets such as trailers, generators, light stands, yellow iron, and more.

Understand driver behaviour

Driver tracking and driving behaviour technology lets you analyse undesirable activity such as speeding, swerving, hard braking, and unauthorised use as well as track idling costs to eliminate wasteful driving habits, increase ROI and keep your costs down.

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Mileage capture/Odometer readings – AssetWorks Telematics provides accurate and timely capture of ECM-based mileage to ensure PM schedules are being managed effectively. For non-ECM equipped vehicles, GPS offers a calculated mileage.

Engine hour/Asset run-time capture – AssetWorks Telematics captures engine hours direct from ECM or will utilise cumulative engine run time on/off to capture hours if the ECM is available. Automated capture ensures hourly-based PM schedules are optimised.

Trouble Codes – Real-time capture of trouble codes (DTCs) and Malfunction Indicator Lights (MILs) ensures critical problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Asset system of record – FleetFocus is the system of record for asset data. Additions, modifications, or terminations in your fleet flow down automatically to AssetWorks Telematics so you only need to maintain one database of assets.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Driver Reward Program

AssetWorks Telematics is a great way to determine where driver behaviour needs improvement, but data is useless if driving styles are not addressed and corrected. Combining driver recognition and reward programs with your fleet solution will increase driver efficiency, decrease potential liability, and reduce additional turnover.

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