Driver Inspection App

Reduce paperwork, improve compliance

Take advantage of integrated app technology so vital information for maintaining safety doesn’t fall through the cracks.

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We understand that safety is vital to your fleet

AssetWorks app technology works hand-in-hand with FleetFocus to keep your drivers and vehicles safe. From real-time status updates to tailored inspection points, our Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports were created to further your vehicles’ success.

Receive real-time alerts

Both major and minor alerts can be sent to key personnel in real-time, with major defect reports providing direct feedback to the driver.

Ensure adherence

Continuous driver prompts, or ‘annoyances’, will ensure that reports are followed in a safe and timely manner.

Customise inspection points

Every fleet has unique needs and challenges, which makes customisation so important. With AssetWorks inspection apps, you can have different inspection lists depending on vehicle types and internal processes.

Achieve sustainability goals

Many fleets across the globe are looking to improve their sustainability. With our apps, you reduce paper usage and avoid duplicate entries through this electronic storage and management system.

Make smart, data-backed decisions

Your fleet now generates more data than ever before, so take advantage of modern data analysis tools to make strategic decisions.

Gas station on the street in fall.

Take control of your fuel data

Fuel is vital to your fleet operations, so why do you manage it in a separate system? Bring together fleet and fuel data to improve overall operations

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Additional Features

Drivers can submit checklists, view past checklists, and enter meter readings all from their preferred mobile device

Inspection Checklist is compliant with all governmental regulations, including the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme

Compatible with remote locations; the app will update FleetFocus as soon as it has signal. No lost data

Different inspection lists for different vehicle types and internal processes available

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5 Tips for Efficient Vehicle Inspections

In this infographic, the AssetWorks team summarises 5 key tips for efficient vehicle inspections, including observing inspections, comparing inspection reports, going paperless, prioritising regular training sessions, and creating a driver reward program.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Driver inspection apps are mobile applications used by drivers to conduct vehicle inspections. They allow drivers to perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections, report defects or issues, and ensure compliance with safety regulations, enhancing fleet maintenance and safety protocols.

Driver inspection apps facilitate pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections. Drivers use the app to log defects, which are then reported to fleet managers for resolution, ensuring vehicles are safe for operation.

Driver inspection apps offer benefits such as improved compliance with safety regulations, streamlined inspection processes, real-time reporting of issues, enhanced accountability, reduced paperwork, and proactive maintenance scheduling. 

Key features to consider in driver inspection apps include customisable inspection checklists, photo and comment attachments, real-time reporting, integration with fleet management systems, offline functionality, and user-friendly interfaces.

Training for drivers typically involves familiarisation with the app’s interface, understanding the inspection checklist, and knowing how to log defects accurately, ensuring effective use of the app in daily operations.

The cost and functionality of driver inspection apps vary depending on factors such as the features offered, scalability, and integration capabilities with existing systems. For a customised demonstration and quote, contact the AssetWorks team today.