Utility fleet management

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Your operations are vital to your customers, that’s why you need to keep your vehicles safe and on the road.

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Serving fleets from Washington UK to Washington DC

Wherever you are, we have the integrated fleet system you need to optimise your operations and improve customer satisfaction. This data insight gained from our solutions helps you complete everyday maintenance and respond swiftly to emergencies.

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Eliminate unnecessary downtime

There’s no question about if you need to complete preventive maintenance. Stay on top of vehicle maintenance with automated maintenance workflow scheduling, integrated workshop calendars, and paperless work orders. From oil changes to parts replacements, you will feel confident about the condition of your vehicles on the road.

Achieve and maintain compliance

Carefree compliance is within reach. Having digital proof of your operations makes it easy to prove your compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. With our fleet management software, all relevant data, including certifications, documentation, and licenses, is stored in one easy-to-access system, making compliance truly carefree.

Every delivery gets tracked

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Simplify care for specialised vehicles

Don’t let specialised vehicle maintenance hold you back. With FleetFocus, you can customise maintenance workflows regardless of vehicle type or complexity and manage each component’s unique lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

Causeway Costal Route with cars, a.k.a. Antrim Coastal Road on eastern coast of Northern Ireland, UK.

Monitor fleet safety and performance

You can’t be everywhere at once. Or can you? Our GPS/Telematics solution includes a full range of capabilities from location tracking to driver behaviour and vehicle health analysis so you can ensure optimal performance and targeted training.

White Paper

What is Fleet Management Software?

In this white paper, we cover some key topics that are important to know before selecting a fleet management software vendor. FleetFocus provides many features and benefits that are perfect for utility companies who want to provide 5-star customer service.

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