FleetFocus: Compliance with DSVA

Maintain compliance, decrease downtime

Keep your fleet vehicles on the road through the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme

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Achieve DVSA Earned Recognition status with FleetFocus

For years, AssetWorks has provided the software features and reporting capabilities required to maintain compliance with the scheme, ultimately helping fleets avoid unnecessary downtime and maintain complete visibility into operations.

Digitise record-keeping

For DVSA compliance, you need to be able to store and access current and historical records with ease. FleetFocus helps you keep all necessary records in one, integrated system, including the ability to complete all forms, including inspection and defect forms, from your mobile device.

Automate KPI processes

When processes are not automated, important items may slip through the cracks. We can help you send key performance indicators to the DVSA automatically and in the correct format. In the system, you can also view KPIs in real-time, including defects, pass rates, and more.

Improve preventive maintenance

When your vehicles and assets are not maintained properly, achieving DVSA compliance becomes near impossible. Let us help. Our integrated fleet system automatically highlights issues that may result in compliance failures, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Improve collaboration

Achieving DVSA Earned Recognition is only possible when your teams work together. With FleetFocus, your workforce can collaborate via the integrated system and customisable data access levels.

Automate complex calculations

Accurate lifecycle cost analysis can take weeks to generate manually. With AssetWorks CAM, you can automate LCA to save time and money.

Achieve sustainability goals

Fleets across the UK are focused on electrification and sustainability. With FuelFocusEV, you can benefit from powerful integrations.

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Additional Features

Record, track, and manage critical compliance tasks for your fleet

Our software integrates with third parties so that you never miss a safety recall

Automatically identifies repeat repairs quicker than human observation

Licence-checking information against individual drivers, accidents, training courses and any other user-defined event

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White Paper

What is Fleet Management Software?

In this white paper, we cover some key topics that are important to know before selecting a fleet management software vendor. FleetFocus provides many features and benefits, not just Earned Recognition.

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