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Sunderland City Council's Journey to Efficient Fleet Management with AssetWorks Solutions

Sunderland City Council, responsible for managing a fleet of 505 vehicles, sought to streamline its fleet management processes and maximise operational efficiency. In its pursuit of a comprehensive solution, the council embarked on a procurement process that led them to choose AssetWorks Solutions. This case study explores the reasons behind the decision and the objectives it aimed to achieve.

The Quest for the Perfect Solution

Sunderland City Council embarked on an exhaustive quest to find the ideal fleet management system. Ian Bell, Sunderland’s Fleet Manager, had a clear set of goals and objectives. Mr Bell shared that ‘after quite an extensive procurement process and looking at several different systems, we felt that FleetFocus was a system which could give us the granular detail we were looking for’. Sunderland had a long list of requirements that it wanted the system to be capable of delivering, including being web-based and having an externally cloud-hosted environment, supporting multi-tenancy, having an earned recognition approval, and integrating effortlessly with external systems. After evaluating several options, it recognised FleetFocus M5 as the system that checked all their boxes.

Tracking and Managing Maintenance with EDGE

Sunderland also implemented FleetFocus EDGE to facilitate seamless connectivity for drivers to log inspections, technicians to log maintenance activities using tablets, and fleet managers to review timecards remotely via smartphones. The real-time visibility into operations eliminates the need for physical paperwork, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances overall efficiency.

FleetFocus EDGE has revolutionised Sunderland’s ability to track and manage vehicle maintenance and repairs. Mr Bell observes, ‘EDGE has allowed us to have real data to work with which has enabled us to see exactly what is happening with the fleet and in the workshop, enhancing decision making. We can plan workflows better and anticipate workshop demands, ensuring we maximise the productivity of our modern in-house vehicle maintenance facilities.  It has also improved the administration of compliance, for example inspection documents are instantly loaded into the system for future reference’.

Sunderland has found multiple benefits with EDGE, one very noticeable environmental aspect is better workflow management, which has allowed it to reduce the amount of paperwork in its systems. By implementing AssetWorks EDGE, Sunderland has saved an estimated annual 2.2 tons of CO2 from within the workshop enterprise. This is the direct result of an estimated 19,000 sheets of paper being replaced with app technology. These paperless operations reduce environmental impact, enhance efficiency, and streamline workflows.

"EDGE has allowed us to have real data to work with which has enabled us to see exactly what is happening with the fleet and in the workshop, enhancing decision making.”

Impact on Operations and Decision-Making

With FleetFocus, Sunderland City Council experienced a profound transformation:

  1. Efficient Fleet Management: The system allowed it to manage the fleet more effectively, enabling it to record and manage various facets of fleet management.
  2. Mobile Workforce: Fitters on the workshop floor were equipped with tablets, allowing them to complete tasks, order supplies, and manage work orders with unprecedented mobility and responsiveness.
  3. Streamlined Processes: FleetFocus streamlined the workflows, with tablet integration enabling fitters to record and manage information with ease.
Data Reporting and Strategic Planning

FleetFocus’ data reporting tools, particularly its dynamic dashboards, have been instrumental in closely tracking a range of Sunderlands’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These have proven indispensable in the monitoring and evaluation of their fleet operations. The adoption of Microsoft Power-BI is poised to take reporting capabilities to the next level, streamlining data analysis and presentation.

The integration of Power-BI promises to provide an even more robust platform for data visualisation and analysis. This enhancement will simplify the assessment of fleet performance, allowing for more data-driven decision-making. It will empower Sunderland to glean actionable insights from the data, aiding in strategic planning and optimisation of their fleet operations.

Safety and Compliance with the Inspection App

Sunderland’s commitment to safety and compliance has been significantly bolstered by the implementation of the AssetWorks Inspection App. This innovative application has ushered in a new era of efficiency and accuracy in its operations. The transition from a paper-based system to a paperless one has been a game-changer for Sunderland. With the AssetWorks Inspection App, the need for cumbersome physical checklists and reports has been eliminated. Instead, inspections and compliance documentation are now carried out electronically, enabling real-time data capture and transmission. This shift is pivotal, as it empowers swift issue identification and immediate reporting, facilitating faster issue resolution and more effective risk management.

Proving compliance is a paramount concern in the fleet industry. The app simplifies this process by automating compliance report generation, historical data tracking, and the presentation of adherence to safety standards. This not only shields the organisation from penalties and fines but also enhances its reputation as a diligent follower of best practices.

Driver efficiency and user-friendliness are crucial factors. The AssetWorks Inspection App’s reception among drivers has been overwhelmingly positive, as it offers a more efficient and user-friendly alternative to the previous paper-based system. A user-friendly interface encourages drivers to complete inspections meticulously and consistently, which directly impacts safety and compliance.

The cumulative result of these enhancements is a fleet that is not only safer but also more compliant. By streamlining the inspection process, the app detects safety concerns promptly, reducing the risk of accidents and violations. It helps provide reassurance that the fleet is meeting industry and regulatory standards and supports the minimisiation of risks and liabilities. In the long run, this results in improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Sunderland City Council’s adoption of AssetWorks solutions, including FleetFocus M5, Edge, Inspection App, and Reporting Database, has helped further improve fleet management operations. The journey exemplifies how the right technology can streamline processes, enable informed decision-making, and enhance compliance. As it continues to utilise these solutions and integrate Microsoft Power-BI, Sunderland City Council is poised to optimise its operations and reduce overall fleet costs in the future. The positive experiences with AssetWorks reflect a successful partnership in improving fleet management efficiency.

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