The Evolution of the AssetWorks Brand and Values

The Evolution of the AssetWorks Brand and Values
The Evolution of the AssetWorks Brand and Values

There is countless fleet management software on the market, and AssetWorks is proud to say we are, if not the only one, whose software has successfully evolved throughout the past four decades.

The gold and silver gear was our logo in 1992 and displayed our brand values and aspects of the fleet journey we were striving to optimise. Over the years, we have focused on these themes and innovated the best fleet solutions on the market based on four brand pillars: utilisation, accountability, compliance & safety, and efficiency. Then in 2008, we rebranded to demonstrate our brand was evolving with the modern times. As technology and knowledge have moved forward, we have added a fifth pillar, sustainability. Fast forward a few decades, and we still believe these five pillars are essential for fleets to succeed.


With AssetWorks’ fully inclusive fleet management software, FleetFocus, every aspect of a fleet, from fuel to filters on fixed assets, is managed. Every fleet has different priorities- which is why FleetFocus offers customisable KPI dashboards. Users can view what is required to achieve their goals- making it simple to add additional requirements to a job card or add noncritical defects to the next scheduled service. Once the job is assigned, technicians can confidently complete the task as FleetFocus’ stock inventory automatically reorders parts – leaving no unused parts on the shelf, wasting space and money.


Managers cannot be in the passenger seat with their drivers, so our solution holds drivers accountable for their behaviour. With an integrative driver management module, managers can- from back in the office monitor and analyse recurring defects caused by drivers: unfair wear and tear, driver speeding, poor driving, excessive integration, and much more. Whether your fleet needs better monitoring and analysing of drivers’ actions or an app to motivate improvements in your drivers’ behaviour; we have software that ensures empowering accountability.

Compliance & Safety

With fleet management software, an organisation can truly become a paperless environment- allowing drivers to log a defect electronically and follow it through our DVSA-approved workflows. Along with KPIs, fleets can ensure they fully comply with DVSA with our industry-standard workflows. At the click of a button, a fleet’s workflow results are sent over to DVSA.


Our fleet management software comes with fully integrated mobile applications, EDGE and SmartApps, which carry out any user-defined inspection of all equipment. Thanks to the application’s real-time notifications once the inspection gets completed, who completed it, and how it was completed- leaving no room for errors.

The mobile apps and fleet software altogether improve efficiency through advanced downtime management. With complete work order statuses, managers can receive automatic reports on total downtime, operation downtime, and maintenance downtime. Even further, our APIs and interfaces, integrate your current systems with AssetWorks for a full range of interfaces from parts to interfacing- no double keying data, chances of human error, or reduction of administrative time.


The road to sustainability is new for everyone. AssetWorks has done the research for fleets so they can make educated decisions on what vehicles to buy next by looking at a full lifetime cost as well as where to place vehicles to ensure compliance with clean air zones- all from acquisition to disposal. With the continuous development of electric vehicles and alternative fuel data management, fleets have the security of knowing they will have constant support as sustainability regulations change.

We understand that fleets need to excel in these five areas to succeed, therefore we’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right fleet solution. 
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