Press Release: AssetWorks Expands into the Rental Market

press release
press release

Manchester, United Kingdom, 3rd November 2022 AssetWorks, known for its fleet management software has launched a complete solution for asset rental and daily hire vehicles. The latest expansion means AssetWorks now provides a complete Fleet Ecosystem for Fleet Managers and operators.  This Fleet Ecosystem now covers everything from; asset rental, fleet management, fuel, EV Management, compliance and safety, telemetry, sustainability and decarbonisation tools, workshop apps, and the list goes on.

Mike Gadd, Managing Director of AssetWorks shares, ‘Since the beginning of the pandemic, fleet costs across the board have exponentially increased due to multiple factors, like supply chain disruptions, inflation, and other market forces.  As a consequence, fleet operators have to reexamine their vehicle replacement plans, and carefully evaluate users versus ownership when procuring, AssetWorks Fleet Ecosystem & Rental software helps you make the right choice for your business.

AssetWorks Rental is an integrated, real-time module that manages all aspects of the rental process. The module is designed for fleet organisations that need to manage the short-term and long-term hire of vehicles and ancillary equipment. The module supports the rental of internal assets as well as the renting from suppliers.

Rental supports multiple locations and includes the same flexible charging facilities already available within the FleetFocus suite. It supports the core rental process, including hire requests, booking, on-and-off-hire, billing, inspection, and additional charges.

Main features:

  • Request Register of rental vehicles, base depots, and other user-defined characteristics
  • Flexible search of suitable rental asset categories and types
  • Unlimited number of rental products (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • “Back2Back” Rental
  • Customer-specific master contract agreements
  • Integrated billing and invoicing
  • Ability to charge for ancillary usage, mileage, and additional services
  • Automatic implementation of customer O License inspection conditions
  • Full support for inward and back-to-back rentals

‘Why now?’ you may ask. Well getting the right asset at the right time to the right business unit or individual, can put a tremendous strain on an organisation today. With a shortage of supply from manufacturing, the pressure to operate cleaner vehicles, seasonal demand, RV risk, sustainability, decarbonisation, and budget constraints, are all pushing the trend for fleet operators to move to a usership rather than ownership model for a certain percentage of their fleet.

UK & EU Fleets are subject to increasing legislation specifically around carbon reduction and air pollution. Due to the considerable financial impact, and BEV and PHEV vehicles having long lead times, fleet operators are increasingly using rental and leasing as their preferred asset acquisition methodology. AssetWorks Rental facilitates the transition from ownership to usership specifically reducing the impact of the acquisition of new fuel technologies and achieving sustainability goals.

“The unknown drives agile practice, giving our customers the flexibility to manage how they obtain and distribute their fleet assets is the reason for launching or multi-facetted Rental module,” says Simon West-Oliver, AssetWorks Sales Director.

If you would like to hear more about our rental solutions, please fill out a form and our experts will get back to you shortly.
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