How to get the best out of your Fleet Management Software

Happy black auto mechanic working on a computer and looking at camera in repair shop.
Happy black auto mechanic working on a computer and looking at camera in repair shop.

AssetWorks provides a fleet ecosystem with agile API integration. From fleet management to telematics, AssetWorks has spent over 40 years perfecting its cloud-based technology to provide an outstanding commitment to safety, sustainability, and integration. Our ecosystems help organisations control every asset interaction within the fleet management journey; from drivers inspecting their vehicles to managers analysing full lifetime costs.

Managing more than 14 million assets, AssetWorks is a leader in understanding and developing solutions for asset management challenges. We know what your fleet needs, and how to get the best out of your fleet management software.

Make your fleet more sustainable

Getting the most out of your assets is a must when it comes to operating a sustainable fleet, so your fleet management software needs to notify you when it is due for replacement. Having software that calculates Whole Life Costs (WLC) helps to assess annual operating, labour costs, and forecast costs.

WLC is a must to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a fleet’s assets to determine their long-term viability. AssetWorks Capital Asset Management (CAM) not only analyses your data but tells you how and where you can reduce TCO and extend the life of your vehicles.

Ensure the software is intuitive

Fleet management software aims to help managers be more effective in their roles. It is hard to be efficient without intuitive management software. Your solution should have Business Intelligence (BI) to help organisations access information that is vital to their success in multiple areas. BI tools are the solutions that satisfies fleet managers’ business requirements for real-time management, monitoring, and supervising of assets.

Utilise the latest enhancements

With technological advancements across the fleet industry, fleets are collecting more data than ever before. With the right fleet management software, you should also have a vendor who invests in evolving solutions. These could include:

Internet of Things (loT) ensures fleet operations remain efficient, secure, affordable, eco-friendly, and more, by embedding sensors in vehicles to gather real-time data. Managers can monitor driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance requirements to limit operating expenses, and drivers are automatically alert to the system when vehicles break down.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides insights and visibility into issues that help to decrease costs and time associated with labour, parts, unplanned maintenance, and repair expenses. Yet AI could increase revenue generation and productivity while improving safety for drivers and technicians.

AI imagery can quickly retrieve estimated costs and repair times with just one photo. Al imagery lists the parts required, and orders the parts, so technicians just need to oversee and approve their orders.

Form a stronger system with API integrations

Integrative software provides the capability to manage and maintain all fleet data under one system. With Application Program Interference (API) fleets can share vehicle and driver information with other applications. API is a must when it comes to integration as its business intelligence helps the enterprise use bi-directional data integration between their operational systems.

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