5 Reasons to Choose AssetWorks FleetFocus

Male master locksmith holds tablet and performs car diagnostics. Apps for car repair concept
Male master locksmith holds tablet and performs car diagnostics. Apps for car repair concept

For over 40 years, AssetWorks FleetFocus has been the premier fleet management software system for both private and public fleets. Is it time for your fleet to join the 550+ organisations across North America and the United Kingdom currently using FleetFocus?

After investing in FleetFocus, you can expect many benefits, including:

1. Schedule preventive maintenance at the right time

Relying on methods like spreadsheets or paper records to schedule maintenance often leads to incorrectly timed service appointments and increased operational costs. Shops without fleet management software are frequently unable to accurately track a vehicle’s mileage, fuel usage and time elapsed since the last service. As a result, vehicles often come in for PMs with only a few hundred miles since the last service, or they are brought in many months (or miles) beyond when service is due.

Bringing in vehicles too early results in wasted shop resources and unneeded downtime. Bringing in vehicles too late results in premature components and system failures. FleetFocus has the ability to accurately forecast and schedule all regular maintenance and other recurring jobs, which optimises shop resource utilisation and maximises vehicle life.

2. Complete all required maintenance while the vehicle is in the workshop

It’s frustrating when a vehicle leaves the workshop and must be quickly brought in again due to other pending work not addressed during the initial visit. An effective fleet management software solution, like FleetFocus, can prevent this by presenting a comprehensive list of all pending work each time a vehicle gets serviced. The list includes user-reported issues, campaigns, recalls, and recurring maintenance, helping maximise both unit and shop availability.

3. Take full advantage of warranty coverage

Most fleet managers contend with the complexity of tracking a vast number of vehicles, systems, and parts warranties, each with different coverage and expiration dates. When vehicles get repaired, the shop personnel often fail to realise the repair is with a warranty. As a result, the shop completes the repairs and unnecessarily covers the cost. FleetFocus prevents this by warning the user anytime a job in the system is covered by a warranty.

4. Determine the optimal time to dispose of vehicles

A top challenge for fleet managers is knowing how long to keep their vehicles. There are many factors to consider, including depreciation, maintenance costs, and resale values. It’s challenging to formulate the best date to dispose of a vehicle. However, a fleet management software solution can manage these factors and calculate the optimum length of time to keep your vehicles – while minimising average annual ownership costs

5. Provide mobile solutions that prevent small problems from becoming big issues

Have your drivers ever noticed a problem with their vehicle but forgotten to report it after returning to the lot?  If so, without a mobile fleet management application, if these issues go unreported, they can cause complications down the road.

FleetFocus EDGE can eliminate this problem by allowing fleets to access their fleet management software from any device – with a fully responsive interface. EDGE offers convenience, ease of use, and integration- designed for fleet professionals. FleetFocus EDGE is just one of the many mobile applications apart of AssetWorks’ MobileFocus Enterprise to help provide all fleet members accessibility in and outside the office.

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