The Future of Fleet Report

The Future of Fleet Report_Featured Image
The Future of Fleet Report_Featured Image

The fleet industry has changed throughout the 21st century and will only continue to evolve as new technologies and data collection tools are introduced. If fleets want to remain competitive, managers need the proper resources readily available to keep up with industry trends.

Key Focus

AssetWorks technology helps organizations manage and maintain their assets efficiently and cost-effectively. With our integrated software, fleets can track vehicle equipment life-cycle management, shop scheduling, warranty, claims, and more. AssetWorks solutions are not one size fits all and are custom software designed for your organization’s needs.

In this report, AssetWorks outlines the top trends facing the fleet industry today, as well as predicts what may be coming next so fleets across the globe can adequately prepare. These topics include:

  • Clean Air and Climate Change
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Grey Fleet
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ownership to Usership
  • And much more

Key Statistics


of fleet managers believe autonomous vehicles would have a positive impact on the environment.


of fleet managers believe diesel vehicles have an unfair reputation for producing harmful emissions.


of managers believe tackling air pollution should be a combined effort between motoring and non-motoring organizations.


of fleet managers believe fully, or hybrid, electric vehicles will be the most widely used fuel type beyond diesel or petrol in ten years.

AssetWorks Solutions

Fleet Management and Maintenance

Fleets across the globe have been using AssetWorks FleetFocus to manage and maintain their fleets for over 40 years. Fleet management software maximizes fleet efficiency and minimizes downtime. FleetFocus provides data in less time so fleets can excel at managing and maintaining their vehicles.

Life-Cycle Costs Analysis

AssetWorks Capital Asset Management (CAM) automates vehicle life-cycle cost analysis for a modern asset management approach. CAM provides multiple life cycle cost models based on real-time fleet data by calculating annual operating rates, forecasting operating costs, determining labor equivalents, and more.

Fuel Management

AssetWorks FuelFocus helps fleets save up to 15% on fuel costs with precise billing and accurate dispensing data. Measuring and securing fuel allows fleets to embrace green fleet initiatives.

Mobile Apps

AssetWorks SmartApps Suite and mobile tools allow workers and customers to process their information from any device. The MobileFocus Enterprise suite includes the FleetFocus EDGE fully responsive interfaces, the Fleet Connect suite of disconnected mobile applications, and the SmartApps suite of connected mobile apps.
In conclusion, technology can be a powerful tool for fleet organizations looking to keep up with modern trends and achieve key sustainability goals.
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