Press Release: AssetWorks Launches Asset Analytics


Manchester, United Kingdom, 14th June 2022 – AssetWorks is known for providing innovative and practical solutions to continue allowing their 1,000+ customers to thrive. To continue doing so, they announced the release of a new business intelligence solution, Asset Analytics. The new innovative product was announced at AssetWorks’ annual customer event in Hollywood, California, to over 400 of their global customers.

Asset Analytics consolidates internal and external assets to deliver next-generation business intelligence content, standard KPI/metrics, visualisations, and self-service reporting to support data-driven decisions.

With asset management becoming more data-driven, Asset Analytics is the data analyst for maintenance operations and fleet utilisation. Buyers can analyse and report on all costs associated with fleet assets, including labour, parts, commercial, and energy. The modern platform can also generate additional reports on current labour productivity, maintenance summary, and asset utilisation history.

“Information not data has always been the priority, Asset Analytics is the gateway to providing the support to agile decision making based on well-presented and relevant intelligence! Accurate trend management, aligned with the future use of AI will strengthen Asset Analytics in forecasting key issues and predicting accurate fleet changes, requirements, and replacements. It’s an exciting solution designed to support a rapidly changing fleet operation”

The features and benefits you can expect with Asset Analytics’ high performance include:

  • Seamless data movement through APIs from customer data source to cloud data lake
  • A data engine that transforms raw data into standard data sets for fleet reporting
  • Access to dynamic and interactive reports and analysis tools
  • The creation of 1-page views for executive or leadership level reporting

AssetWorks has always kept up with modern fleet trends, and Asset Analytics is no exception. Not only are the software features modern, but the design of the software is like no other on the market. Generated reports are in a sleek graphical format with eye-catching colours. The advanced data reports can be easily accessed on one page and are customisable to any fleet’s design needs.

Asset Analytics is available now. For more information, fill out a form below
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