The Benefits of Fuel Bunkering

fuel management software
fuel management software

Fleets run off fuel, so your fleet needs the proper resources to guarantee fuel supply. Investing in fuel bunkering is the best way to ensure your fleet has a constant fuel supply. Fuel bunkers do not refer to the type of fuel as a variety of fuels can be stored in the bunkers – perfect for modern fleets.

Benefits of Fuel Bunkering

Complete Control of Fuel Spending
Managers have control over your fleet’s fuel spending. By investing in fuel management software, you can further control your fuel spending by analysing your data. You can see accurate fuel data in real time and reduce fuel shrinkage.

Lower Fuel Prices
Purchasing fuel in bulk quantities allows fleets to take advantage of lower wholesale prices. Even during shortages, price consistency is retained – unlike public fuel stations, which are susceptible to supply and demand pressure.

Access to Fuel in Emergencies
In extreme supply conditions, roadside fuelling stations cannot guarantee stock or be open for business. Even during national disputes, the domestic fuel stations quickly run out and ration their supply. Having a fuel bunker means you do not have to worry about your fleet not having the fuel required to do its job when an emergency arises.

Wakefield Councils Bunkering Success

Fuel bunkers are a worthwhile investment, but it needs management to get the most out of them. Wakefield Council decided to bunker fuel, so they integrated AssetWorks FuelFocus with AssetWorks Fleet Management Software. FuelFocus does the managing for you by recording fuel transactions in real-time to provide accountability of who is drawing fuel and to immediately flag any problems.

The ability to receive real-time data allows Wakefield to restrict the number of times a vehicle gets fueled. AssetWorks software also sends drivers messages at the pump to alert them when the safety inspections are due – extending the vehicle lifecycle and keeping Wakefield’s drivers safe.

Pete Johnson, the Transport Services Manager when FuelFocus was implemented shared, “We needed a system that could cover all transport-related matters as a total solution for all our end-users. In our case, the end-users also consisted of three fleets: Wakefield District Council’s fleet, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation, and West Yorkshire Police LGVs.”

Since the Council implemented the AssetWorks solutions, it has realised several measurable achievements in service, staff and compliance, including:

  • Vehicle turnaround time improved by 3% in the first year of implementation, which brought significant cost-savings
  • Customer complaints reduced from almost daily to near zero
  • Full compliance with health and safety requirements
  • KPIs are generated automatically to assist in the management of council prosecutions for speeding, vehicle turnaround, driver performance, fuelling, and many more efficiencies.
  • Cost-savings achieved by the Transport Services Unit amounted to over 10% during the first financial year
How AssetWorks Can Help

Previously with bunkered fuel, there was no interaction between the fuel and fleet systems, allowing unknown vehicles to fuel multiple times. Interacting with your fleet system stops this from occurring by having the two-fleet software communicate in real-time.

AssetWorks fuel system, FuelFocus, allows fleets to ensure all fuel goes into the designated vehicle – so nothing goes into other vehicles unless stated. With AssetWorks, you easily bunker fuel as FuelFocus is the only fully integrated fleet and fuel system on the market.

No sites are ever 100% bunkered, no matter how much they would like to be, as vehicles move around, and bunkered sites are limited. Using your fuel system with AssetWorks FuelFocus allows you to pull all fuel together to see true MPGs and identify any issues.

FuelFocus processes all fuel transactions in real-time so fleets can take control of their data and spending. By implementing our software, not only does it make fuel bunkering simple, but you can also improve accuracy, save even more money, capture real-time data, and go green.

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