8 Benefits of Moving to a SaaS Software Solution

Mechanic using laptop on car at the repair garage
Mechanic using laptop on car at the repair garage

If you’re just starting out in the fleet management software world, or if you are looking to improve current practices, it’s never a bad time to investigate a SaaS solution. A SaaS solution means that you receive the same software you already had (in some cases, with some additional functionality) but with several other benefits for your organisation, budget, and resource allocation. The AssetWorks team has compiled a list of eight benefits that you could see by moving to or starting your organisation with a SaaS fleet management solution.

1) Improve Business Growth with Scalability

One of the most obvious benefits of a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is the fast deployment of new features, updates, scalability and more. These often will specifically address your IT needs now and for the future, whenever predictable. At the same time, this streamlined work helps to save your organisation costly site visits and headaches surrounding working out people’s schedules.

2) Reliability

When entrusting your data to your provider, it’s important that they can demonstrate how they will keep your data secure, accurate, and readily available. At AssetWorks, we provide the specifications and data that will help support our claims to a load balanced architecture, redundancy across the data centre and an uptime guarantee.

3) Access to the Latest Technologies

A SaaS solution will come with an entire team of IT professionals with expertise in specific areas. Your provider’s IT professionals are prepared in various fields to help answer your questions, perform specific tasks, schedule, execute upgrades, and much more. Their goal as a team is to ensure that your software is running and working for your organisation.

4) Maintenance

You can leave the ongoing maintenance chores to the experts. When you Implement a SaaS fleet management solution with your software provider, you never need to worry about maintenance or support. Your provider’s team is set up and ready to go when it comes to keeping your solution in good shape.

5) Help Desk

Your internal IT staff has enough on their plates. With SaaS fleet management software, your vendor’s IT and support team schedule and perform all software and hardware upgrades, as well as respond to any failures or emergencies that may occur. In the same way, you can expect reduced incoming calls to your IT help desk, as calls about the software will go to the provider.

6) Cost

SaaS solutions are billed annually, and businesses realise a lower total cost of ownership. When your fleet software provider is SaaS based, you can save money on operating costs. After the annual hosting fee, you can expect savings in upgrade fees, electricity, hardware purchases, additional staff and more. Soon enough, organisations begin to realise a lower total cost of ownership.

7) Enhanced Security

Does the thought of keeping all your vital and confidential fleet data at your location make you nervous? With SaaS fleet management, you can rest assured that your important data is being protected and monitored by industry professionals. AssetWorks’ fleet solutions make use of the latest technologies, relying on an integrated mix of services, managed appliances, and industry best practices.

8) Disaster Recovery

The latest version of database backup files and attachments are securely stored, with backups ready to be restored from off-site servers. Your information is important, and we know that a disaster could happen at any time. The security and accessibility of your data are non-negotiable, so AssetWorks has taken the steps to ensure compliance with high levels of data security standards.

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