4 Benefits of Wireless Automated Fuel Management Software

Refueling Car With Gasoline Pump Nozzle, Selective Focus on pump nozzle
Refueling Car With Gasoline Pump Nozzle, Selective Focus on pump nozzle

Fuel is often the most significant expense for fleet organisations today, which is why it’s more important than ever to accurately manage fuel. A wireless integrated fuel management software system is an effective solution to today’s fueling challenges.

There are many benefits of investing in fuel management software, including:

1. Accurately capture meter readings

With an automated fuel management software system, you no longer have to rely on a member of your organisation to enter accurate mileage or fuel readings. Instead, readings are captured in real-time and integrated directly into your fleet management software system.

This saves time through the reduction of correcting human errors and improved forecasting of your preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling.

2. Improved security

When it comes to fueling in the fleet industry, there is no such thing as too much security. Fuel costs typically make up a large portion of a fleet’s budget. It is more important than ever to increase security and save those valuable fuel dollars.

With an automated fuel software system, your drivers cannot enter an inaccurate vehicle number into the system or fuel an unauthorized vehicle. These security features prevent fueling charged to the wrong vehicle, which distorts MPG.

3. Capture vital telematics data and measurements

Not only does a fuel management software system capture necessary fueling data, but it also captures telematics data. This is important for modern fleets because it allows fault codes to automatically create a service or work order request within your fleet management software system.

The fuel system can also capture vehicle measurements in near real-time so you can quickly and easily report on them in your fleet software system.

4. Grow with fuel technologies

As everyone in the fleet industry already knows, fleet and fuel management technology is always evolving and improving. With an automated fuel management system, like AssetWorks FuelFocus, you can add-on to your vehicle identification box. External device tracking, passive GPS and driver behaviour modules are just some of the many examples of fuel software add-ons.

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